10 Best Korean Cushion Compacts 2019

6 Best Korean Cushion Compacts

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Ladies try make-up every single day to look gorgeous. Every lady wants to do fashion and keep herself up to date. These Best Korean Cushion compacts also provide a decent look to ladies and enhance their skin tone in a better way. After decent use of these Korean cushion compacts, you can really feel the difference in your look.

But before you select the best Korean cushion compacts, you need to see a few things in it.

What to look for when purchasing a minimal Korean cushion?


The Foundation is actually a base layer for your make-up look. The fluid foundation should save the general appearance of your skin without disturbing the whole make-up. Look for a light foundation that can be utilized to give a fine look.

This will give you a characteristic gleam without obstructing the pores. CC and BB creams are intended to provide you with proper concealing force and smooth completion. With these fluid resources, you can maintain your look as long as 12 hours approximately.


Since this skincare item invests a great deal of energy in your face, it is critical to look at the fixings all the more intently and discover how it can help with your skincare. The groundwork will in general dry out the skin, bringing about contacting and dry spots. So, if your skin is dry, look for bases with saturating and supporting properties.

Continuously recall that dry skin ages quicker than double the measure of oily skin. That is the reason you need to never lay down with the skincare.

The foundation with saturating properties has a durable agreement contrasted with those that dry out your skin. This is a fact that dry skin winds up flaky, deletes and leaves uneven territories on your skin.

Strip at any rate two times per week to evacuate dead skin cells that amass on the top layer of skin. This gives your business additional perseverance and a smoother finish. If you are looking for an enemy of maturing cream, we have additionally evaluated the best brands.

Your face skin is secured with a slender oily layer that goes about as insurance against microscopic organisms, hurtful UV beams, and contamination. If this layer is aggravated or liberated from unforgiving synthetic concoctions, your skin can deliver retribution by creating extra defensive oil.

SPF is critical for UV insurance and skincare to comprehend what you can consume in the sun without acknowledging it.


What makes these BB and CC creams so huge is the way that they are little enough to fit on your palm. No extra brushes or wipes are required to apply as there is a puff bar in the minimized lodging.

Little enough to fit in your cosmetics pack or sack when away. The reduced size takes into consideration speedy contacts in any place and at whatever point required.

Most CC and BB creams contain in excess of 15 grams of fluid foundation and can be recharged. So, if you need not utilize a similar foundation for over a half year, this is the ideal add up to keep your skin crisp and microbes free.

The puff of the cushion is little enough so you can apply a similar measure of foundation, which is practically unimaginable if you just utilize your fingers. It is intended to give free inclusion of lines that can be made between layers.


These pellets can turn into a hard plate for microscopic organisms if not appropriately cleaned and put away. Look for a CC pad or a BB cream that has a boundary between the pad and the lump. It should likewise close appropriately with the goal that no packed air can infiltrate.

The puff bar needs to be made of washable material and dry rapidly so you can clean it every now and again. Something else to look for in a CC foundation is a minimal mirror. This makes the application simple when you are moving and not close to the mirror.

Here is a list of 6 Best Korean Cushion compacts, we researched for you guys.

1. MISSHA M Magic Cushion SPF50+/PA+++ NO. 23

This is one of my preferred cushions ever! It is truly reasonable contrasted with certain cushions accessible from Amazon. On account of the size of your palm, it’s straightforward to wear your pack in the open for completing contacts. The mirror can without much of a stretch, become messy.

To forestall this, I suggest keeping the plastic defensive spread over the mirror and expelling it while putting on make-up. You have just arranged this product twice since it is so great!

This product didn’t break me, which is incredible! It positively has saturating texture and has a little to medium inclusion.

The cushion doesn’t have any trademark scent, yet it has a light smooth scent that I think smells lovely. Tragically, I was twice asked this product that it is somewhat dry and not brimming with the product, which is somewhat frustrating.

The provided puff functions admirably, however, need to be supplanted following a couple of months since it looks grimy and the wipe side isn’t as steady as in the past. I requested number 23 and I have reasonable skin, yet not the most excellent skin offered by most make-up brands in the US, and it suits me impeccably.

This cushion endured around four months after day by day use. Likely request a top off and another train in a couple of days! This is an extremely incredible product and I prescribe it to anybody with reasonable skin searching for a simple to-apply groundwork with medium obscurity! Understudy: These photos show how my cushion takes care of four months of utilization, not when I previously got it!


  • Delicate and perfect for resting
  • Durable
  • Long life
  • Striking appearance
  • Light and moderate coverage


  • Stick to your face

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2. L’Oréal Paris True Match Lumi Cushion Foundation

The fluid groundwork upsets this product. Fabricate an iridescent spread in the fixture. The Lumi pad by L’Oreal Paris True Match is a creative liquid foundation inserted in an imaginative pad for the best make-up. A refreshing, gleaming recipe offers straightforward to medium coverage.

Tap a little to get another regular shine and tap more to get another degree of light. The cushion case applies weight on the penis to guarantee agreeable coverage during activity. It is accessible in 16 genuine skin tones made with Precise Match innovation to match your skin tone and backrest. This cushion has a shining surface. The spread is just a center spread.

It is for all skin types. Accessible in 16 genuine skin tones in cold temperature. Fluid groundwork grabbed the cushion and new sparkling end. You can press Buildable Coverage. It’s a helpful reduced in a hurry cushion

How would I apply?

Stage 1: Gently push the cream into the Foundation Pad.

Stage 2: Press on the skin to get an ideal portion of the foundation.

Stage 3: Set the ideal level of coverage.

The most effective method to clean your up-and-comer:

Wash with warm water and gentle cleanser. Permit to air dry totally before use. Figured with Precise Match Technology to match your skin tone.

This preliminary touch is excellent and makes my skin look new when you apply it. The main issue is that it isn’t useful for oily skin. I need a powder to quit taking a look at the oil inevitably.


  • Coverage is sheer to medium
  • Perfect liquid foundation
  • Luminous touch
  • Convenient to use
  • Good for sensitive skin tone


  • Sponge is damaged

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3. LANEIGE” BB Pore Control No.21

This foundation can give your skin a completing touch without drying out the skin. Controls abundance sebum while looking after dampness. Uneven skin and enormous pores are decreased gratitude to the Mystery layer, which can reflect attacking light. That leaves the skin delicate and brilliant for as long as 12 hours.

Immense enthusiast of this K. advancement if you are keen on each product utilized, it will keep going quite a while. The spread is light and simple to blend. I got a utilized BB cushion. Although the filling is fixed, I can surely observe one if it is now being utilized by somebody.

The cushion left an additional cushion on it and you couldn’t see another cushion. I used to get it (medium/light shading) straightforwardly from the objective until the store halted. I did some examination before asking # 21, and I’m happy I needed that. I cherish the most recent plan bb cream cushion.

It appears to keep abundance fluid from engrossing it. I purchased both 21 and 23 since I more often than not fall between 23 yellow and 21 pinks.

I first wear 23 slightly and after that apply 21 and the ideal shading. I give this cushion 5+. I’ve taken a stab at everything – Sulwhasoo, Missha, AHC, Tarte, Laura Mercier, Chanel, and so on – this is the best shading and recipe for my skin (dry/delicate/phenomenal).

The shading is wonderful and characteristic and makes my skin look brilliant however not oily. The structure is described by a light nature of light and looks soggy following a moment, however, feels less substantial and dull. Try not to settle down so a lot or void me up as Sulwhasoo, Missha and AHC. I trust they don’t stop there.


  • Perfect works for people with oily skin
  • Strong matte finish
  • 12 hours of stability on the face
  • Light texture
  • No sticking on the skin


  • Not recommended for dry skin

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4. AMOREPACIFIC Color Control Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50 (106)

This color control cushion is out of this world. Incredible broadband SPF, profound dampness and full inclusion under a compact Amore Pacific roof. Compact Color Control Pad Protection The wide range of the SPF 50+ secures both hurtful UVA and UVB beams and shields the skin from sun harm.

The dynamic liquid accumulation innovation changes over the liquid into a refined emulsion that is applied with a non-spongy puff utensil that cools and calms the skin.

The mind-boggling, elite, durable appearance innovation fills in barely recognizable differences and guarantees that colors are coordinated into smooth layers, guaranteeing a dependable, immaculate inclusion. The treatment complex with light green tea enlightens and avoids skin aggravation while giving brilliant cell reinforcement insurance.

The Bamboo Juice equation replaces traditional water in the oil base for profound hydration to help hurtful ecological variables. You have as of late distinguished this product. I truly preferred it, however I don’t care for the bundling. I think the shading is marginally lighter than anticipated, yet the product, as a rule, is pleasant.

The application sponge conveyed with the primer assimilates more primer than it really applied to your face. If you solicit me, this is a misuse of the product. The foundation is difficult to find as the sponge it sits on is thick and doesn’t permit simple access.

My suggestion was to purchase a silicone primer that doesn’t assimilate any extra product. Everything on the silicone baseplate is utilized all over. This is an incredible method to take advantage of your product, particularly the cash you spend on the product. Must try this Silisponge Silicone Makeup Sponge.


  • Decent finish
  • Proper hydration (BAMBOO SAP)
  • Anti-skin irritation formula
  • 50+ SPF


  • Bad packaging
  • Dark appearance

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A basic and delicate sponge – 1-2 times daintily blow into the sponge and retain such a significant number of products that your whole face is secured! Basic sponge – even after rehashed use, there is still enough product on the sponge. You don’t need to turn the two sides of the sponge to such an extent. Perpetual sponge – after use, the sponge doesn’t solidify, so you generally feel revived.

Plant extracts: marigold extract, eucalyptus extract, peppermint extract

It took around five days from the main buy to the receipt of the product (which was more seasoned than I expected – with the goal that’s a major favorable position). The BB cream landed in flawless condition and was conveyed straightforwardly to my home. For the genuine product itself, it was somewhat more splendid than I expected (it may be lighter shaded contrasted with ‘Huge Too Born This Way’ and ‘Neutrogena Healthy Skin in Big Dime’), however, it appears to suit me.

When applied, it looked delicate and sodden on my skin. It took around 6 hours before it got somewhat thrilling and sparkling. BB Cream was likewise a ton of flashback. So, if you need to utilize this when taking pictures with glimmer, you will look creepy.

The BB cream was great, however,I trust the quality remains better and the audit isn’t extreme. I’ve attempted the L’Oreal Lumi Cushion (N3.5) and contrasted with one of those spreads Missha’s has greater mistiness and isn’t wet.

Although you get uncommon splendor following a couple of hours on the t-zone. The shading 27 is somewhat darker for my gentle winter skin, yet fits well. It will be an ideal game in summer.

Toward the beginning of the day quick and simple to utilize and has a decent spread. From the start, I was frightened in light of the fact that I have delicate, dry and dark-colored skin. I attempted various organizations that all in some way or another finished in disaster.

They were either in a condition of drying, extremely solid, so they exploded me or consumed like Satan. More terrible, they were either excessively slick or excessively dry and had nothing in the middle.

This pad isn’t excessively oily and doesn’t dry by any means. It is totally saturating and delicate to my skin. This product has not disengaged me and it has not dried by any stretch of the imagination. It is a light saturating foundation that makes a delightful shine.

I found the correct shading for my skin! # 27 Works well for my skin with a medium tone. I can possibly suggest this if you are searching for moderate light coverage and your skin can be dry.

How to use

Subsequent to adding enough product to your crap, pursue the course of your skin surface and smooth the product around your face as you plunge it tenderly. Prescribed: shroud debasements, staining/hyperpigmentation, dark circles, unmistakable skin tone at night, light, invigorating dampness, speedy and simple contact


  • Glossy finish
  • Perfect adherence
  • Smooth cushioning ability
  • Natural plant extract
  • Hides your dark spots
  • Long-lasting impact
  • Good for all skin tones
  • Does not cake


  • Not for sensitive skin
  • Not replaceable

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6.    Clinique Super City Block BB Cushion Compact Broad Spectrum SPF 50, 03 Medium

This Korean cushion gives your skin covering your requirements for life in the city. This foundation isn’t just buildable, yet additionally outfitted with cell reinforcements and exceptionally viable sun blocking factor. This base was produced for all skin types and gives you a characteristic, light appearance.

It secures against UV beams, pollutions, and other naturally hurtful substances that assault your skin each day. This new form is costly, however,the bundles are accessible and this rendition has an SPF of 50 SPF, so I exceptionally suggest it. This is the best make-up I have ever utilized. The spread is smooth and complete, not fake.

Lamentably, Clinique cannot do it any longer. So I looked and discovered 5 units. Purchased everybody.

Expectation you’re all fine! I’m here to impart my insight on Clinique Cushion Compact, which rushes me today. As far back as Korean brands entered the beauty care products advertise with compact make-up products with cushions, everybody has been investigating this creative recipe and bundling. Indeed, I was likewise fascinated by these compact padded products, and when Clinique propelled its compact, compact make-up, I realized I needed to attempt it.

The BB Cream is light, simple to apply and has a sweet-smelling aroma that keeps going when you apply it to your face. When used, it looked delicate and clammy on my skin. It took around 6 hours before it got somewhat thrilling and sparkling. BB Cream was likewise a ton of flashback.

If you need to utilize this when taking pictures with a blaze, you will look creepy. The BB cream was great. However, I trust the quality remains better and the audit isn’t extreme.

From the hour of the main buy to the genuine receipt of the product, it took around five days. The BB cream landed in flawless condition and was conveyed straightforwardly to my home. For the real product itself, it was somewhat more straightforward than I anticipated.

In any case, it appears to suit me. The BB Cream is light, simple to apply and has a sweet-smelling scent that endures when you apply it to your face.

Shockingly, I have consistently been in a troublesome association with Clinique’s facial make-up products, yet I constantly prefer to attempt new products since they never detonate on my skin. As usual, Clinique had the option to stand out by acquiring this cushion restricted and worldwide colors to the market.

Peruse progressively about Clinique Modern Fair Super City Sunscreen BB Compact Cushion SPF 50! The BB pad case arrives in a little bundle with a straightforward and rich white cover, with a swollen utensil top and a Mandy makeup underneath, ensured by an extra removable seal.

It has a mirror associated with the upper spread opening and I am cheerful. I believe it’s ideal and impeccable all around.

I love this product! It is lightweight, solid and has a matte plan. I don’t utilize the pad to apply it, I utilize a delight blender. In the wake of applying I utilize the powder setting. Try not to feel hard by any stretch of the imagination. Certainly, we will prescribe this product.


  • Flawless finishing
  • Compact liquid formation
  • Matte finish
  • Good for all skin tones
  • SPF is 50 +


  • Rare to find

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When you utilize an implicit Korean cushion compact for some time, you’ll never return to those costly spread sets and who comprehends what. All that you have to mitigate your skin tone can be found in the astounding excellence items underneath.

These 6 Best Korean Cushion compacts will help you a lot as we selected them based on the buyer’s review. You can generally discover something that suits your particular needs. You will thank your skin for picking one, and you will be pleased with the outcomes.

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