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Best Natural Gas Grill – Buyer Guide

So if you have decided to get an outdoor grill to enjoy your parties in open space and also decided to go for a Natural Gas Grill for Delicious Outdoor BBQ instead of a charcoal grill, you’ve made a good choice since you won’t be wasting time on little, petty things like checking the temperature of the charcoal over and over or lighting it up in a long time, as it will come alive with a single flick! But the fact that so many different kinds of grills can confuse you if you want a portable or a standing grill, a tabletop or not? Lesser burners or more? Smaller or bigger? So, we have made it easy for you and given you the best among all kinds of different functions and features, so it’s easy for you to choose.

Best Natural Gas Grill


The first confusion you might and must-have is the size dilemma, you need to check with your needs and availability as to what size of a grill you need. Size is what the grills are most difficult to choose among; It is very easy to determine this by thinking about the number of sandwiches you need to make at one time usually. For instance, a small grill will easily make you ten sandwiches and a medium one up to twenty sandwiches, while a larger one up to thirty or even more. So think about how many people you usually have at parties and how much your family size is. A small family could always use a small grill but a larger family with many friends will need a larger grill.


There are two different kinds of igniters in propane gas grills, electronic igniters, and push-button battery igniters. Both give the same results but many people prefer electronic igniters due to the easier use and quicker ignition. They are also more reliable and do not need external power to ignite, just a gentle push and you will have a flame burning. However, the push button battery igniters are in need of a battery to work, even though they are reliable.

Extra Features.

Extra features always make the appliance so much more advanced, less boring and basic, and very handy. Many of us don’t know about how many different accessories we can purchase with the griller to make it easier to use. Most of the extra features are built in some of the grills, such as an extra burner outside the main grill is very attractive and handy. They do not, however, affect the main grill but are definitely always a need.

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Other handy accessories include heating racks for the food to stay warm while you cook a second batch, such as heat your mashed potatoes while your steak is on the grill. A temperature gauge is a very handy feature, as well, making it easy for you to check and maintain the temperature. For travelers, an additional stand with a portable grill can be of a lot of use.

Do the Outdoor Models Require Installation?

Whether your grill needs installation or not depends on the particular grill you are purchasing. There are some grills that can be installed, you need to get a professional to install them properly, in a well-ventilated area, and will become a part of your house, and there are others, such as portable ones, that need no installation at all.

They do require you to assemble them but do not require anything much than that. The build is quite simple and handy, and there is a propane gas bottle that, of course, you need to fill with gas and an actual grill where you cook. The bottle of gas is basically all that you need to start your flame and get going. You can separately purchase and stand and install the grill, however, if you choose to. But it isn’t required.

What Barbecue Accessories Do I Need?

There aren’t actually any accessories that you necessarily need to get, you can use the propane gas grill just like that, of course, the gas bottle is important but anything other than is purely optional depending on your needs. You will have to purchase a gas bottle and you will need to refill it or replace it regularly when the gas is finished, but other than that, nothing is important.

There are many other available such as temperature control lids, racks and gas elements, etc. that you can buy f you wish to.

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How Do Heavy Duty Propane Gas Grills Work?

How Do Heavy Duty Propane Gas Grills Work

Heavy-duty natural gas grills do exactly what the name says, they grill using natural gas and not charcoal, which is good because it’s better than charcoal. It is essentially the same as using a gas stove but instead for BBQ so it’s basically like a normal charcoal grill but with a gas stove. Although, it is more easily movable and will need to be used outside or in a well-ventilated area, as it is the nature of the gas. It is gas so the flame can easily be controlled, the temperature can be kept in check and you won’t have to burn anything for it.

Lighting the flame is as simple as a flick, and the temperature can be monitored. You do not need a match and a stick to start igniting your fire and make your BBQ the same tiresome way. There is no risk of causing a fire or burning things accidentally. You just have to turn the igniter on, the gas will go the heater from the propane bottle and the flame will light and start cooking for you at the perfect and even temperature with no worries of disturbance or uneven cooking.

The size and hear of the flame can easily be monitored and adjusted to your liking and need; more the gas will flow, hotter will be the temperature of the grill and quicker you can get your food done with. When you are done, you just turn off the igniter and your flame goes off, stopping the gas from coming out anymore.

No more electric, fussy, charcoal grills and hot, messy charcoals messing up your clothes and hands and the yard, of course, and making everything smell burnt. Now, you can easily make your family, friends, and neighbors the quickest, easiest BBQ, evenly and perfectly cooked, anywhere you like, in the least time possible, with zero mess or time wastage.

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